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A tailor-made inspection solution
specialized field technicians for centrifugal, screw, and
reciprocating compressor type chillers.  Knowledge has
accumulated over years of experience to support our
technicians in analysis of your chiller’s condition.  The
Eddy Current method is used on non-magnetic materials.  
It can evaluate conditions such as surface and subsurface
discontinuities, alloy composition, hardness, and thickness.
Eddy Current inspection addresses chiller and condenser
tube damage by means of the Eddy Current Testing (ECT).
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to suit your chiller tubes, “ECT”  is an electromagnetic,  non-
destructive diagnostic process that detects corrosion, erosion,
breakage and leakage in the chiller heat exchanger tubes,
even those not  visible to the human eye.  Performing ECT
on chiller tubes every few years helps locate defects at an
early stage, well before they bring an entire system down.
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